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Established in 2015, Freckled Footwear has grown to become the largest independent 3D Footwear Design Consultancy in Canada. We specialize in the creation of studio-quality 3D assets for digital sampling and animation. Possessing advanced skills in 3D lighting, texturing, shading, rendering, and compositing with Modo, Blender, Solidworks, or Zbrush, we deliver whatever your brand requires. For additive manufacturing solutions, we utilize Ntopology to create and iterate generative lattice structures that propel your brand into the future. Our designers have experience with large private brand houses (Canadian Tire,, international brands (Skechers, Helly Hansen), and some of the World’s most sustainably innovative footwear brands (Skye FootwearNative Shoes). 
Freckled Footwear is proud to partner with the following brands:
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Our designers have previously worked with the following brands:
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Utilizing WGSN and other trend reporting agencies, we know how to identify, understand and apply Global trends to your market. 
Our team possesses the unique ability to tailor trend presentations to specific territories (APAC, LATAM, etc.) while adhering to your Brand DNA. We attend all major footwear trade shows (ISPO, OR, etc.) and are available for appointments scheduled ahead of time.

We are a full service Design Consultancy, proficient in agnostic design ideation, product development, art direction, brand development, packaging and graphics.


Specializing in Sustainable Visible Technology development, we possess an array of professional footwear skillsets from sketching to packaging and POP.

Our designers have an eye for detail, and an intuitive understanding of how to bring your idea to market.


With advanced skills in 3D lighting, texturing, shading, rendering, and compositing our 3D digital designers produce studio-quality 3D renderings of your product for digital sampling and animation. We utilize innovative software solutions to iterate generative lattice structures that produce advanced additive manufacturing solutions.


This greatly reduces sampling costs while optimizing material usage and provides accurate cost estimates. This results in a dramatically reduced product creation timeline.

If 3D modeling is not in your Product Lifecycle, it needs to be.

Established network of manufacturing centres on a global scale, we know where to build your product.
We are in constant communication with your developing partners to ensure products arrive with exact specifications on time.
We have production experience in China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangledesh, costing and sourcing Visible Sustainable Technologies. 
Constant customer communication allows us to know your process, understand your goals and utilize our resources and experience to benefit your consumer.
Whether you have 1 SKU or 450, we have successfully guided brands with varying experience through the Product Lifecycle process.
Our developers are available to travel to factories with prior relationships to ensure successful product launches.
We don't do everything but we do some things very well.
Specializing in sustainable design communication, we know how to emphasize the important features of your product.
We find the cohesion between your Brand DNA and a strong sustainable message through sophisticated performance graphics.
We understand that packaging is an extension of your brand identity and a great differentiating opportunity. 
Our designers provide cost effective, sustainable packaging designs unique to your Brand Identity.
With experience in athletic, lifestyle, industrial and sustainable packaging, we are your one stop shop for product creation.
Inclusivity, sustainability and purposeful design are the pillars of our success. Unapolegetically, we only work with companies that share those values.
Justin Heinrichs
Toronto, Canada
Sr. Footwear Designer
Footwear Industry Veteran
Sustainable Sourcing Advocate.
Julia Phillips
Toronto, Canada
Community Outreach Director
Registered Nurse
Counsellor, Advocate.
Kanako Takegishi
Tokyo, Japan
Visual Artist
Work Samples
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Justin Mason
Grand Bend, Canada
Sustainability Auditor
Registered Energy Advisor
Environmental Advocate.